Fitness Update: Goal achieved

Well, One of my annual goals was completed this past week. By adding two more runs to my total during the week, I reached the 52 for the year: I have run a 5K distance or greater 52  times this year.

This doesn’t mean I will stop running. It just shows I didn’t know what my running would really be like during the year when I set the goal. For that matter, I still don’t exactly know what I intend to do as a general level/trend for my running.

But I am already looking forward to the next year. I received this ad for a four-run series taking place during the first half of 2017 called the Progress Series.

Displaying It consists of four races.

  1. Fastest Personal Mile Run in January
  2. Cupid Run 5K in February
  3. Sham Rock & Run 10K in March
  4. The Northland Half Marathon in April

For $124 I could register for the entire series. Sounds like something to do and work forward to. We will see what I decide about it.

In the meantime, I want to focus on getting myself back to the pool.

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