Fitness Update: Last week of the month

As we head into the last week of January, my fitness goals seem to be on track for the year.

Sunday was the warmest day of the week, so I got my 5K run in on Sunday.

I managed to swim once in the week, on Monday.

For the cycling, I’ve managed to bicycle to work each day this year that I’ve worked in the office. The weather has cooperated with snowfall on the edges of my travel time that allowed me enough traction and warmth to get to and from work.  We’ll see how today goes, with morning rain and rain/snow forecast for the afternoon, but presumably above-freezing temperatures.

On mileage, I have another 60 miles to go to make the 250 miles for January. Except for today’s precipitation, the week is supposed to be dry (forecast subject to change, of course) and climbing to the 50s, so I should be able to get those miles in, if I don’t let schoolwork and work-work snow me in instead.

On the Misfit, I got it to track my swimming, but it didn’t count my laps. I’m guessing I needed to turn “manual lap counting” to on. Funny, I would have thought that to me automatic lap counting.  I’ll see if that works this week when I go swimming on not. It tracked my time and gave me an energy output, but I didn’t get the lap numbers I was hoping to find out how they showed up.

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