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  • Fitness Update:

    Heading into fall and getting a bit of a different focus. Keeping up with the bicycle miles seems to be the key goal from the beginning of the year. I put in 59 miles this week. Running, I’m at least keeping in the game again: one 5k run. On the strength training I stayed on […]

  • Fitness Update: On the Run

    Last week I finally got back into the groove of running. I made, by three-tenths of a mile over, the bike miles for August. I also started running again. two 5k distances during the week. Both slower than six mph average. So either I was taking it way too easy, or the lack of practice […]

  • Fitness Update: Lap swimming

    So, this week has been another getting back up to speed. Not really. But some progress made again. The sleep hours went back up, and I started feeling better, but still ended up tired. So over the weekend I did a little more physical activity, and that seems to balance things out. I need sleep, […]

  • Fitness Update: leisurely pace

    So this past week was a very leisurely week, and yet full and not necessarily resting. Going from LibertyCon to King’s Dominion, to a family reunion in Buffalo, to Canada’s Wonderland to Michigan’s Adventure, involves a lot of sitting in a car, and a lot of walking around the parks. But it doesn’t get in […]

  • Fitness Update: Midway Point

    What do I mean by midway point? I mean I have gotten through the first couple of races in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge — the 5K and the (modified) half marathon — and have one event at the track meet (don’t know which one yet), the triathlon and swim meet yet. Before the Corporate […]

  • Fitness Update: Corporate Challenge 5K

    Last week reached its fitness culmination on Saturday morning at the Kansas City Corporate Challenge 5K. After completing the Progress Series of races, which included the Cupid 5K in Febrary with a time of just over 24 minutes, I went into the 5K with the intention of finishing in 24 minutes, yet feeling that I […]

  • Fitness Update: Swimming and tracking thereof

    Okay, this week I finally got back to the pool. I swam Monday-Wednesday-Friday and ran Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. My FitBit Flex 2 did not track the swimming. I was certain I had set it for swimming when I got it, but when I looked up a manual online, it only mentioned the word swim once, and that […]

  • Fitness Update: A few more stats

    Well, today’s fitness update is going to be more of a stats thing again. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to run 52 5k distance runs. I’m now up to 50 of those, with several months to go. When I started the year, I didn’t realize how much of my fitness […]

  • Fitness update: summer workout vacation

    Note the headline.  That isn’t summer vacation, but a vacation from a workout schedule in the summer. Didn’t do much this past week. No swimming laps, just floating around Oceans of Fun pools. Did two 5Ks, which was probably the highlight of the workout for the week. For the bicycle there was 58 miles, most […]

  • Fitness Update: Triathlon

    Last week was the start of intense heat in our area. Monday’s run — 8 miles — was done early morning at 70 degrees with a 92 percent humidity. It was good practice for the hot temperatures for yesterday’s “Father’s Day” triathlon for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. But I’ll get to that in just […]