A turn, a swerve, a save

The problem with coming up with ideas for blog posts while riding a bicycle is that there are no good ways of recording those ideas while in the middle of traffic.

Today was one of those days when I had several half-baked ideas on the way home, any of which could make good topics, if I could only remember them enough to jot them down and let them stew for awhile. Or so I believe right now — since I cannot remember any of them.

I do remember the moment when a car waited and waited to make a left hand turn coming towards me, and didn’t do it until I looked down a moment to check the road surface, only to look up into the side of the SUV that turned right in front of me. I probably didn’t have 3 feet of space. I didn’t have enough time to even try braking, just a minor swerve, and we were clear. No one was in front of me, so why he waited I am unsure.

I’m sure the fact that it was dark didn’t help. Speaking of which, I do ride a lot at night, but it is mostly in areas where there are plenty of street lights. So I’ve come to learn a lot about how various areas are lit.

Kansas City’s total city lighting project of a few years ago actually works quite well. Enough light to see the roads and any holes in the pavement. North Kansas City has full lighting, but it isn’t bright enough to read my odometer with most of the time. MODot is responsible for the Heart of America Bridge, and the lighting there is the place I travel most likely to have light bulbs out. Which is curious, since it is probably one of the more highly traveled ways — since for pedestrians and bikes both it is the primary means of getting across the river.

But most traveled also means the most trash. The most broken beer bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic bags. I was suprised this morning that it looked almost as if someone might have cleaned it over the weekend.


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