Fitness Update: On track by hitting the street

Well, last week the MisFit shine tracked my laps again while swimming.  Still trying to figure out why it does when it does and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t. I think I am tagging my swimming the same way each time.

This time it told me I only swam 950 yards — must have miscounted somewhere in my intention for 1,000 — so now I am up to 11,000 yard for the year. I have been swimming straight solid laps while it was supposed to be counting. Sometime soon I might try working sprints into the mix,  but I’m not sure yet how it will count those laps, or how I am supposed to tag them on the Shine.

For the cycling, I am up to 423 miles — which leaves me 77 left to go to make this month’s interim goal for my annual total. With the cold weather I am having freezing of the rear wheel shifting mechanism, so on cold mornings I sometimes only have three functional gears from the front shift. That tends to make certain sections harder to pedal on, and decreases my average speed. I’m keeping it above 12 mph, which is my unofficial goal. Of course, my long trips have to be enough faster to offset the lower averages I get while using the bicycle to run the dog on weekends.

With the weather and schedule last week, I didn’t get a 5K in. This week the weather is supposed to be better, so I hope to get in at least one, if not two, if the schedule otherwise allows. As previously mentioned, it is the running that I see as the hardest goal to make for the year — schedule and motivation are both lowest and work against it the most. But with the progress I have felt in the cycling by working the running, I know that it helps to cross-train bicycling and cycling. Both of them augment the other.

I haven’t mentioned it previous, but I am also trying to find a way to work some strength training into my regimen — upper  body specifically. I think it will help the swimming particularly, and it is the part of the body that gets the least workout with the cycling and the running. That said, I was talking to someone the other day about just how much upper body workout you do get on a bicycle. Unlike the stationary bicycle, when you are riding over the country you do a lot of support and adjusting through the upper body and the handle bars as you steer and navigate, so it is more of a total body workout than you realize.


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