Fitness Update: Warm weather helps

Well, today is the end of February; two months of 2016 gone already.

My concerns at the beginning of the year were keeping up with my running, and how the cold weather would hamper my progress. Well, this week was another nice week (sure there were some nights below freezing, but all the days were above, some 70s even) that kept me on pace with my goals.

I got it two more 5k runs, for a total of 11 for the year. I even got in a “half 5k” one day when I needed a little something extra to push my activity tracker over my daily goal marker. Both 5Ks were a little slower — but both over a 6 mph average, so I’m still feeling good. The one day in particular I didn’t stretch out beforehand, and had done some serious workouts during a fit-camp session at the work wellness center, so I don’t think I had full recovery.

On swimming I am up to 15,000 yards for the year, with 1,950 put in last week. Once again Misfit caught me miscounting my laps. I’ve started adding some sprints one day a week for the swimming. I’me sure I should be doing more than the 4 sprints, but I’m building up at least.

Finally, to the cycling — I’m up to 567 miles for the year, 63 of them during the past week. My average speed is holding around 12.4 mph — running the dog with the bicycle keeps bringing it down (he averages 7 mph), so my other cycling has to bring it back up. But, hey, he has to keep up his fitness too.

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