Fitness Update: Double Sync

I’m still getting used to the Misfit apparently.  I have to make sure it says “settings saved” when switching from cycling to swimming if I want it to get it to track laps. That means I have to sync when I get to the community center after bicycling there, then sync immediately again, ensure it shows “settings saved” before I can go swimming and track my laps.  The multiple syncing necessary to do different types of activity in a row isn’t a positive feature.

I mention this because I didn’t get it synced right on Thursday when I went swimming, but did get it working correctly again on Friday.  I am up to 17,050.00 yards — miscounted again on Friday (not sure about Thursday, of course). This time I even remember where I wasn’t certain on my count, and apparently did the extra lap.

For the cycling, I did a nice 20-mile loop to the Plaza on Saturday, which brought my total miles up to 648 miles for the year. Hard to think that it is March and shorts weather for cycling already.

And on the running, I did one 5k on Sunday — my fastest of the year. I got my average speed up to 7.04 mph — I crossed the line of 7 mph.

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