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  • Fitness Update: Leg not-exactly-cramps

    This week was the trip to LibertyCon, which meant a hiatus in regular scheduled activities. But it didn’t mean a lack of fitness attempts.  I swam once, did a lot of walking, and while my sleep schedule was off kilter, managed to keep getting sleep and naps in between events to keep the energy and […]

  • Fitness Update: Sabbatical Status

    Well, Fitness has certainly taken an interesting turn. A year ago I was gearing up for a 10K race coming off excellent times on a mile and 5K race the previous 2 months.  This year both my mile and my 5K have been sub-par with sickness and illnesses along the way hampering my training rhythm. […]

  • Fitness Update: Lap swimming

    So, this week has been another getting back up to speed. Not really. But some progress made again. The sleep hours went back up, and I started feeling better, but still ended up tired. So over the weekend I did a little more physical activity, and that seems to balance things out. I need sleep, […]

  • Fitness Update: Progress Series Recap

    Fitness Update: Progress Series Recap

    Last week was somewhat of a respite from fitness goals. After the final race of the Progress Series, weather and buildup called for a more relaxed approach. So this week’s fitness post will look at the Progress Series, and do a bit of retrospective on the series as a whole. The series garnered me 5 […]

  • Fitness Update: Exercise with broken bones

    Well, the significant spill from my bicycle that I mentioned on a previous post has mostly healed up. The swelling on the left hand went down, but a nagging pain in the pinky bone within the palm, and the pinky itself, persisted, so I went to the doctor Friday. Turns out the pinky bone in the […]

  • Fitness Update: weather-related allergies/illness

    I started off last week with the best of intents. Ran a 5K on Monday with the intent to get at least one more in. Then a weather swing hit the sinuses. Eyes felt funny/sleepy from all the pressure behind them; ears like they need to pop all the time. Sleep went, coughing ensued. Took […]

  • Fitness lull

    This past week has been the let down in fitness focus. The Swim Meet is over.  All the Corporate Challenge events are done. The other elements of life have to be caught up, and the schedule gets busy. I know I need to get focused again, but right now I’m just doing the biking for […]

  • Fitness Update: too much at once

    Last week hasn’t been the most intense week for my fitness efforts. I mean, I slept in two of my days that I usually get up and do something — just because my greatest deficit was sleep, and eventually you just have to take it if you want to stay fit. I did do a […]

  • Fitness Update:Sleep Tracking

    This week’s fitness tracking will have all the usual stats and corresponding observations, along with one new revelation. It will also talk about the sleep tracking portion of the Misfit Shine app. So first I want to talk about the sleep tracking app. The first night I used the Misfit it told me I had […]

  • fitness update: app issues

    Well I am continuing to enjoy my Misfit Shine, but the app still does things that irritate me from time to time. I finally learned that I can change tagging activities without having to double sync, but I have to toggle screens and see the “saved changes” message or else it hasn’t worked. My lap […]