Fitness: The Point System

This week’s fitness report will start with a commentary on my fitness tracking accessory: The Misfit Shine. Unlike the Fitbit pedometer that my wife uses, the Misfit Shine tracks my multiple activities — running, cycling, swimming — using a point system. So I can blend the three any way that the day and workout allows, and still keep a set goal of activity for the day.

The app comes with a suggestion of 1000 points for the day. I raised that to 1500. I’ve discovered that, weather allowing, on a day when I have little activity, it is easier to fit in a run to make the 1500 level, than to try cycling. On a regular work commute day, the commute takes most of the need, with some extra walking to fill it out, or a swim. But when I’m not in the commute, a run gets more points in for a shorter time. (I also perspire a lot more when I run!)

This might be why I fit in three 5Ks this week — None above the 7 mph pace, — but all well above the 6 mph benchmark. That gives me 15 for the year.

I only got 1 swim in for the week. Another 1,000 yards for a total of 18,050.

And bicycling I am up to 688 miles for the year.

And spring isn’t even here yet …

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