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  • Fitness Update: Fitbit Foray

    Well, My fitness goals are moving along this past week. I’m closer to my cycling goal — not as far ahead — than I was in other months. That means I have to put in more effort through December. Weather is likely to impede certain days, so I’ll need to take advantage of every day […]

  • Fitness Update: Technology Troubles

    Well, this week I’ll give a short stats update, and then on to an indirectly related topic. Got in one 5K run and a 1000 yard swim. So not doing much progress there, but at least doing something. I did hit 2,500 miles on Saturday — so the October goal was completed a week in […]

  • Fitness Update

    Well, another week without a run or a swim. But this week I started a new program at work. The Corporate Fitness Works is doing a minutes of activity moved for the month of October. Anyone with any sort of fitness tracking device can sign it up and link it to the program, and it […]

  • Fitness lull

    This past week has been the let down in fitness focus. The Swim Meet is over.  All the Corporate Challenge events are done. The other elements of life have to be caught up, and the schedule gets busy. I know I need to get focused again, but right now I’m just doing the biking for […]

  • Fitness Update: continuing record-setting

    Once again I set a new daily record with my Misfit Shine. Running longer distances really racks up the points. Last week I ran a 10-mile loop on Friday, followed by a small bike ride to the community center for one of two weekly swims that I did this week. While running last week I […]

  • Fitness Update: Triathlon practices

    This week I set two new personal records on my Misfit Shine. This means my combined activity for the day set a new record for total points earned. Part of that activity was a mini-triathlon at work on Monday. As part of a program at the Wellness Center I rowed 2000 meters, biked 8 miles […]

  • Fitness Update:Sleep Tracking

    This week’s fitness tracking will have all the usual stats and corresponding observations, along with one new revelation. It will also talk about the sleep tracking portion of the Misfit Shine app. So first I want to talk about the sleep tracking app. The first night I used the Misfit it told me I had […]

  • fitness update: app issues

    Well I am continuing to enjoy my Misfit Shine, but the app still does things that irritate me from time to time. I finally learned that I can change tagging activities without having to double sync, but I have to toggle screens and see the “saved changes” message or else it hasn’t worked. My lap […]

  • Fitness: The Point System

    This week’s fitness report will start with a commentary on my fitness tracking accessory: The Misfit Shine. Unlike the Fitbit pedometer that my wife uses, the Misfit Shine tracks my multiple activities — running, cycling, swimming — using a point system. So I can blend the three any way that the day and workout allows, […]

  • Fitness Update: On track by hitting the street

    Well, last week the MisFit shine tracked my laps again while swimming.  Still trying to figure out why it does when it does and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t. I think I am tagging my swimming the same way each time. This time it told me I only swam 950 yards — must have […]