A Blast of the Past #41: First Christmas in First House

If you look at things the right way, there are a lot of firsts in life. As a side joke, I’ll mention Jonas Quinn from Stargate: SG-1 who always smiled at everything because it was his first time. One time he was captured by the Goa’uld with his team, and they asked him why he wasn’t smiling “after all, its your first time to be captured by the Goa’uld” they said. He agreed that was funny.

Well, this is the first Christmas in our First House. Small house; big Christmas. I note this was one of those years where we still got grapefruit for Christmas (a tradition from my side of the family) and I tried to teach the kids how to eat it. Need to bring those fruit traditions back…

And of course we had the live tree, and fit it into our small living room. Big tree, small room. Big excitement by little ones.

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