A vote for a fictional candidate

I have recently been using my Amazon Prime membership to do a somewhat-marathon watching of the Stargate SG-1 series. I’m currently in season 6 out of 10, and had the opportunity to make a very political comment while watching the episode “Disclosure”.

There is a very unlikeable political character, a Senator Robert Kinsey, who is seen as an antagonist in many ways to the protagonists of the show, the team SG-1. Yet while watching this episode where he is specifically being very much a politician, with little seeming care for anything but himself, I made the observation that, based on the candidates it is quite probable I could have to choose to vote for president in November 2016, I think that I would rather vote for Kinsey.

That was about all I said, but I’ll expand, slightly, on the thought here. If Trump were to win the Republican nomination, and either Hilary or Sanders the Democrat, I would find it very hard to come up with someone to vote for. Which sparked the crazy revelation that the fictional “Senator Kinsey”, with his snake-oil and treachery actually sparked more of my admiration than any of those three real-life politicians.

I’m hoping the matchup doesn’t come to one of the combinations I suggested, but it seems quite probable, if it does, that I’ll be going third party, or writing in the “Mickey Mouse” option, or the “Robert Kinsey” option.

None of this being set in stone, of course. Any third party choice has its indirect impact on who actually wins, and what their policies might be, how it affects our country in this cycle and the next. Just bowing out isn’t an option. Seriously trying to understand the ripples, intended and not, of our actions is required in the political arena (something many Trump supporters seem incapable of, in my opinion).

More to come sometime, most likely.

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