Any minor adversity is bearable if it yields a good story ….

This week I went to the NKC YMCA twice in the morning to swim. In fact, when I arrived right before opening on Wednesday there were a lot of trucks outside, workingman trucks, which made me wonder if perhaps the place was closed.

I joined the line of people waiting. When they opened the doors, a staff member told us all that there was no water in the building. Something had broken, they had a crew in fixing things, but they needed a part they couldn’t get until someplace opened at 7, and it was possible they could find more after that.

No showers, no toilets, no drinking fountains. And they couldn’t run the boiler to heat the pool either — though the pool was open.

A few people turned around, but most of us went in to work out, showers or no showers. The pool was actually quite warm — hadn’t had a chance to cool (and it is usually warmer than I need anyway).

In fact, at the pool, all the lanes were full. It was a very active morning.

When I went in this morning, I heard that things had gotten repaired by 8 a.m. Wednesday, and everything was back to normal. But people were still talking about yesterday.

I myself complimented the desk staff about how well everyone handled yesterday’s adversity, and made everything work smoothly for the patrons despite the hydraulic inconveniences. As I told them, things aren’t half as bad if you can come away from them with a good story…


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