Worlds of Fun: Opening Day Approaches

This weekend is a kick-off of two events: The Kansas City Corporate Challenge and the Worlds of Fun summer season.

The Kansas City Corporate Challenge has its kick-off walk from 4-8 p.m. Friday at Arrowhead Stadium. All the competing companies have people walk a mile course on their behalf to earn points, and many of the companies turn it into a block party. It is a family-friendly event — I have taken my family every year since I started participating in the challenge.

But the premiere event of the weekend is the opening of Worlds of Fun. They have a Friday campout and sneak peak preview before the Saturday opening. We have the dining plan — bought at $90 last fall but now going for $108 — along with the $25 all season drink bottle.

So we won’t be going to the preview, or the campout Friday, since we have the kick-off party to attend.  But we do intend to attend and partake and report on the all-season dining plan, in addition to the new rides for the season.

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