Festival opens this weekend at WOF

Last weekend was opening for Worlds of Fun. The weather was ideal and the crowds were substantial — or so it seemed to this season passholder.

As I mentioned last week, we didn’t go to the sneak peak on Friday — we went to the kickoff for the corporate challenge instead. Nor did we make gate opening on Saturday. A choral choir competition at Liberty North took the involvement of the youngest and tallest member of the household.

So there were lines at both the rides and food booths by the time we arrived at the park in the afternoon. Being as line-averse as we are, we didn’t enter any of the rides, and chose the shortest of the food lines. That ended up being the Pizza Piere and a new food vendor — Santa Fe Street Tacos (which took the place of Gyro Express).

When we returned in the evening the lines were short enough to have Panda Express for supper. But we bailed from our attempt to ride the Ferris Wheel — the attendant loaded so slow that we didn’t know when we would get on.

Sunday we only got to the park once, and again didn’t get onto a ride. When we came in the evening we were fortunate to find a short line at Chickie’s & Pete’s just before they closed the doors for the evening. But they hadn’t planned their supplies right — they ran out of the white sauce dip for our sandwiches and fries.

Such was our first weekend. This coming weekend is the beginning of a festival that we aren’t interested in, but which I will mention. Their second annual All American Barbeque & Brew Festival. It runs three weekends, through May 8. It combines various local brews with Chef Kevin’s sample size BBQ Menu of Grilled Shrimp, BBQ Chicken and Waffles, Smoked BBQ Pork, Smoked Ribs, BBQ Spiced Chicken Wings and Bananas Foster. If we didn’t already have a food plan paid for, the festival would be worth it just for the food, even skipping the brews.


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