Vacationing at the Pool, and other places

Today is the first day of my vacation. I’ll be off work until a week from Monday. And during that time I’ll spend more time with a greater variety of my coworkers that I usually do during a regular week.

Why is that? Because Sunday I will be competing in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon with them, and Monday-Thursday I will be competing (coordinating actually) with them in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Swim Meet.

So from Monday-Thursday starting at 5 p.m. and going until 9 p.m. some nights, as late as Midnight possibly others, I will be at the Gladstone Aquatic center getting people into the right lane at the right time, and cheering them on as they swim 50 yards (200 yards on Monday) in their various events. Then I’ll count up the points they earned, and make daily reports to the internal company distribution list.

Sunday morning I’ll celebrate Father’s Day by running the triathlon, which starts lakeside at Shawnee Mission Park.

Apart from that I get to relax. Painting a wall of the dining room. Weeding the  flower beds. Trimming the hedges. Digging the silt out of the drainage ditch. A regular, relaxing staycation.

If I have spare time from that I should be reading the nominees for the Hugo Awards so I can make an educated vote before the polls close

Where in there would I have time to go to work?

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