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  • A Blast of the Past 146: KCCC Swim Meet

    These photos are from my days coordinating the State Street Swim Team.  They remind me of fun times I had with coworkers, and also remind me how quickly my coworkers rotated around me in my 20 years at State Street.

  • A Look Ahead…

    In this week’s look ahead, we have the usual spotlight on World’s of Fun: Sunday is Father’s Day, and the WOF website has the following blurb about the day: Celebrate Father’s Day at the Belly Flop Contest in the Surf City Wave Pool at Oceans of Fun! Contest begins at approximately 2:30pm. Plus, Season Passholders […]

  • Fitness Update: (Modified) Half Marathon

    Well, This past week I ran my second half marathon, sort of, but sort of didn’t. The Kansas City Corporate Challenge half marathon was scheduled for this past Saturday. The route started at the Southcreek Business Park and after a loop around there ran down through the Overland Park Community Park and the Tomahawk Valley […]

  • A Look Ahead … race weekend

    Usually, when we hear race weekend around here, it means NASCAR. And who knows– certainly not I — there could be something going on at the speedway. But that isn’t the race I am thinking of. This Saturday is the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Half Marathon. The half marathon will take place at Southcreek Business Park. […]

  • Fitness Update: between half-marathons

    Last week was the week before the week of the Kansas City Corporate Challenge half marathon. It is the second half-marathon I am doing, four weeks after the first. I have been trying to get guidance on how to stay in condition from hone half-marathon to the other. The basic guidance I have received is […]

  • Fitness Update: Corporate Challenge 5K

    Last week reached its fitness culmination on Saturday morning at the Kansas City Corporate Challenge 5K. After completing the Progress Series of races, which included the Cupid 5K in Febrary with a time of just over 24 minutes, I went into the 5K with the intention of finishing in 24 minutes, yet feeling that I […]

  • A Look Ahead …

    I think it is time to pull out the Thursday blog feature that looks ahead to the upcoming weekend and week for events worth noting: items on my social calendar or ones I think worthy, at least, but may or may not be able to attend. FRIDAY, April 7 Kansas City Corporate Challege Kick-Off Walk […]

  • Fitness Update: Triathlon

    Last week was the start of intense heat in our area. Monday’s run — 8 miles — was done early morning at 70 degrees with a 92 percent humidity. It was good practice for the hot temperatures for yesterday’s “Father’s Day” triathlon for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. But I’ll get to that in just […]

  • Vacationing at the Pool, and other places

    Today is the first day of my vacation. I’ll be off work until a week from Monday. And during that time I’ll spend more time with a greater variety of my coworkers that I usually do during a regular week. Why is that? Because Sunday I will be competing in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge […]

  • Father’s Day: Triathlon Ho!

    The coming weekend in review is going to be the coming week in review, all focused on the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. Sunday morning is the Triathlon/Duathlon at Shawnee Mission Park. This will be my second time. Should have been my third time, but 2014 got canceled for thunder storms. The triathlon is 500 Meter […]