Fitness Update: Energetic and Tired

Today’s fitness update is going to start with an impression of state, rather than statistics. In the past few weeks I have reached one of those seasons of life where you can cut and cut and cut out the “non-essential” parts of life, and still have more to do than is possible to get done. The work-life balance is temporarily helter-skelter and askew. I have gotten into sections of the week where sleep has gotten resigned to 4 hours a night, and still the time to get things done isn’t there.

And yet I am also overflowing with pent-up energy. It is a danger to sit at work or home, to find myself nodding if I am not moving, Yet when I am moving I am like a dynamo of energy. Saturday in a choice of taking a nap or taking an exercise break of biking/running, I did four hours of the latter, and came back feeling like I had more energy than when I started.

I got two laps of swimming in at the Caribbean Cooler, one 5K run, and 83 additional miles on the bicycle. My bicycle miles finishes the months quota of 1750 with a 1765. So I am ahead for the year.

I know I need to get the sleep cycle back in line, but it is interesting to have so much energy built up. Its almost like I’m pumped on something, except I’m not, just health — and I’m not doing anything super “healthy” to be this way. Has anyone else who reads this ever gotten into this sort of state?

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