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  • Fitness update: turning signals and staying in your lane

    Today’s Fitness update is going to be a very short vignette from this morning. I was out with the dog on the bicycle giving him his daily excursion when I came up on Parvin Road and a detour sign because of construction. I never could see from either end up going around the detour what […]

  • A nod, a wave, a honk

    When I ride my bicycle, I am much more alert of drivers around me than most of them are of the cyclist around them. I actively watch and make an effort to engage them. When a driver is coming toward me I will usually lift my hand off the handle bar and give a small […]

  • Fitness Update: On the Run

    Last week I finally got back into the groove of running. I made, by three-tenths of a mile over, the bike miles for August. I also started running again. two 5k distances during the week. Both slower than six mph average. So either I was taking it way too easy, or the lack of practice […]

  • Bike ride across America

    Today’s post is a short one, about a story I saw on the Houghton College Facebook feed, about four students, recent graduates, who are biking across America. This blog follows their journey, which started in mid-May. I haven’t had a chance to barely read any of it, since I came across it over the weekend, […]

  • Fitness Update: or lack thereof

    Today’s post is late because I’ve been feeling both off and lazy from the fitness perspective. Muscles fatigued with no exertion to explain. Sinus switch from weather switch. So I didn’t do much fitness workouts last week. The weekend was getting as much rest as possible. Which seemed to do some good, though not complete […]

  • A Blast of the past #87: First Bicycle

    Last week’s blast was the birthday party where my son got his first bicycle. Today is pictures of the learning to ride the bicycle.

  • A winter vignette

    Yesterday we had clue of our first storm of the season moving into Kansas City. Friday was to warm up, and then start drizzling, with the temperatures slowly dropping, but stay above freezing until I would get home from work. Which was fortunate, since I was riding by bicycle home. When I got out to […]

  • Cold Weather Biking

    Okay, today’s blog isn’t fitness, but it relates to cycling. Wednesday was first snow — all quarter inch of it. And of course the temperature dropped. So by morning it was into the teens. Thus I got out all my wraps. Double layered legs and jackets, ear muffs, balaclava, hood, helmet, gloves. I also tried […]

  • Fitness Update: Arrival of Fall

    I got two 5K runs in last week, but no swims. Forty-Six miles on the bicycle. The weather got cooler this weekend. Two morning with frost. That actually helps running, but requires a wardrobe change for cycling. Figuring out how the heat generation and heat loss offset each other gets interesting. I’m testing out the […]

  • Fitness update: summer workout vacation

    Note the headline.  That isn’t summer vacation, but a vacation from a workout schedule in the summer. Didn’t do much this past week. No swimming laps, just floating around Oceans of Fun pools. Did two 5Ks, which was probably the highlight of the workout for the week. For the bicycle there was 58 miles, most […]