Amusement Park Food

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Today I’m doing another post on Worlds of Fun food. I will start with the Food Truck festival they had today. There were something like 8 different food trucks lined up on the path between the Detonator and Coasters. At one end was a cupcake truck, at the other a cookie/ice cream cookie truck. Between them were various bbq, crab cakes, etc. trucks.

Since my family is on the food plan, we found it interesting to look at the bbq trucks, but they didn’t appeal enough to spend money on them when we already had entrees and sides available from the meal plan. But ice cream cookies, now that was a dessert!

The cookies were nice and soft, with Breyer’s Ice Cream in the middle. They definitely hit the spot.

We ran into Executive chef Kevin out there, making sure everything was smooth and delicious. His favorite appeared to be the crab cakes truck.

Since I got to talk to him again, I mentioned the one thing I wanted from the meal plan was nutritional information. Our family has been eating out there all summer, and losing weight. People don’t believe you can do that with park food. But options like Subway, Panda and Street Tacos give some really nutritional fare that can be good on the waistline. Kevin mentioned that they are working on that. So hopefully by next year that information will be available.

This next topic isn’t food-related, but I thought I would also mention the Worlds of Fun Brass Brigade. They and the Town Square Folk were some of the best improvements to the park ambience this summer. Having a live, roaming show made everything a lot more fun. Depending on the day and schedule, you might see them walking, or riding the Worlds of Fun taxi cars around the park. One day we saw them going up the hill from Africa to Europea, and the Brigade stopped in front of the Moulin Rouge theater, right as a show was ending, and the show cast came out and did a street number to the music of the Brass Brigade.

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