Fitness Update: A few more stats

Well, today’s fitness update is going to be more of a stats thing again.

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to run 52 5k distance runs. I’m now up to 50 of those, with several months to go. When I started the year, I didn’t realize how much of my fitness regimen would get taken up with running. After all, I hadn’t run for exercise prior to this year.

On a contrary mode, I didn’t realize how much my swimming goal would slow this summer. I haven’t done official laps since the end of June and the corporate challenge swim meet. That is stuck at 33K yards of my 52k goal. I have tracked almost 10,000 yards swum (not floated) around the Caribbean Cooler at Oceans of Fun. But since hat is only open another three weekends, I need to find a way to get back swimming laps at the YMCA.

Which probably won’t be this week. With WorldCon in town, and us attending, I won’t have much time for swimming or running. I might get a few more cycling miles in.  I am currently at 1983 — which gives me 17 more to make the quota goal of 2,000 for August.

I’ve managed to make my daily fitness numbers most of the time on my MisFit fitness tracker, but that doesn’t always mean I hit my three triathlon fitness categories. For example, this week I expect to hit my numbers primarily through the extent of walking we will do through the WorldCon displays, and getting from panel to panel to listen to discussions, etc.

Which all wraps back to not being so focused on the stats that you miss the big picture.

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