Labor Day Weekend round up, part 1

So today was a busy day, and I’m still processing (well, the computer is doing most of the processing) the images I want to share with today’s post. So let me do the writeup, and by the time I get done, I’ll still probably have a little more video compiling for the computer to finish.

Today was the first day in a long time that we got to Oceans of Fun before the park opened. We even got there before the season passholder early entrance. So when we were waved through 15 minutes prior to official open, I was able to go straight to the Caribbean Cooler and start swimming laps around. I did four laps around without seeing anyone else join me. The only people I saw in the cooler besides me were the people getting in ahead of me as I got out.

And as I got out to head to the wave pool, I heard the park opening announcement, and the musical cue for the start of the waves. I also met executive chef Kevin Williams helping set up the Food Truck for the $1 beef tacos that are a part of the dollar days promotion. He recognized me from our previous meetings, said hello, shook my (wet) hand, and then I was on to the wave pool.

The weather was ideal for swimming — for me. It wasn’t the sort of weather that drives most people to the water park. The 70s were too cool for most. But I was able to hit the body slides, the tube slides, all the old and new, in under an hour, with virtually no lines.

After that it was lunch and off to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. My own group, Madrigalia Bar Nonne, was singing, and will be singing all 16 days of the festival, but I wasn’t scheduled for Saturday — I’ll be singing on Sunday this weekend. Yet this opening day of the Ren Fest season was the only day that my friends in Flutes A Bec would be performing — and I always look forward to seeing them each year.  Like us (Madrigalia), they are one of the few group that are truly accurate to the Renaissance Period.

So all that compiling I was talking about, was just for the video I took of them. The below is but a small clip of the video I took, but I was also using a new effect I haven’t used previously, and while I visualized what I wanted, getting the program to do it the way I wanted took a lot of working around what were for me mentally simple things.

So enjoy:

Note, as a live, outdoor performance at a fair, there is a lot of background noise. Note, also, how well records, “soft” instruments though they are, cut right through the noise.

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