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  • Of dogs, toes and tempers

    Today’s post starts with the perils of our dog, Rocky, who has been limping since we got home since the day we returned from LibertyCon. Since we worked all the days in between, we didn’t get him to the veterinarian until today. The Vet said something was wrong with a right rear toe, and needed […]

  • Saturday/Weekend After Report

    Summer is over, socially. Labor Day Weekend marks the social end of summer. So I thought today I would rehash the weekend. Saturday We started our celebration of the weekend at Worlds of Fun. Dollar Days. We spent our Dollar Days time at the Moroccan Merchant store: $5 plush and apparel, everything else $1. They […]

  • Cedar Fair Tour: Worlds of Fun — Coming Home

    We did a half-tour of the Cedar Fair Parks; I blogged about the visits, and about the parks in comparison. Now I feel a need to blog about home, about Worlds of Fun. After touring all those parks, seeing all those extreme and expansive roller coasters, does it make Worlds of Fun dim by comparison? […]

  • A Look Ahead …

    The beginning of summer is upon us. Not the official summer by the equinox, but the social season, by the placement of the first of the two main holidays. Summer always begins socially in the USA with Memorial Day, and ends with Labor Day. This coming Monday being Memorial Day Observed (Official Memorial Day is […]

  • A Blast of the Past #70: Oceans of Fun

    Here are some pictures from Oceans of Fun in 2005. It seems such a long time ago since we had kids young enough to play in the kiddie pools. This was further summer adventure with Grandma while she visited from Upstate New York. Oceans of Fun has changed a lot since then, but most of […]

  • Labor Day Weekend round up, part 1

    So today was a busy day, and I’m still processing (well, the computer is doing most of the processing) the images I want to share with today’s post. So let me do the writeup, and by the time I get done, I’ll still probably have a little more video compiling for the computer to finish. […]

  • It was a cool and overcast morning…

    when Oceans of Fun opened for the season today. Since we became season passholders to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun back in 2001, we have attempted to make the opening day, before opening, every year. We have managed to miss a number of the Worlds of Fun opening days, but for Oceans of […]

  • Price Point

    Okay, today’s column is on informal economics. At what price will we decide that a purchase is worth going for? Retailers are doing this all the time. It even gets discussed about the pricing of ebooks. At what price will you not buy the ebook but the hard copy or no book at all? What […]

  • Oceans of Fun opens for season

    Family tradition, though I think we might have missed last year, is being at the gate of Oceans of Fun at opening time on opening day. One year we even got on the Oceans of Fun blog/Facebook page (something like that/one of those things) with our pictures and comments. (I think that was Betsy and […]