The Hash Chorus

Today’s post is a video look at a musical segment from Sunday’s services, both 8:30 and 10:50 a.m. It was also sort of an experiment.

At the beginning you can hear me explaining what the song — the hash chorus — is, and where I first picked it up. Those who remember this from my high school days will note that the set of songs isn’t the same as we did. That is one of the graces of this song, it changes over time.

I could tell that the song went over better with some than with others. The more familiar the songs were to people, the better it was. When I disappeared off the camera, it was to encourage the congregation to participate in the responsive singing of that particular song. Several people in the second service did this.

But the second service people also got more antsy with the songs. I could tell there were many that they didn’t know.

Yet it was a good demonstration of the variety of songs that we have and know, and the use of music and praise in worship, in fellowship, and in life generally.

We seldom get together with people and just sing, whether worship music or otherwise. This is something that seemed more common in past days. Today we let the professionals do it for us. But it should be something we should all do, same as breathing.

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