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  • (almost) never change song lyrics

    I have this very bad philosophical habit of picking up a lot of my catch phrases from song lyrics. Fortunately, I have pretty solid songs with philosophically and theologically stable ideas that I am usually singing or listening to. One of the things that irks me, and my wife Betsy, is the changing of song […]

  • He giveth me songs in the night

    I know I shall see in his beauty The king in who’s law I delight. Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps And giveth me songs in the night. Redeemed–Fanny J. Crosby In Sunday school this Sunday, part of the lesson referrenced a section of Psalm 42:8 (NIV), where it talks about God giving us songs in […]

  • #323: More Love to Thee

    1More love to Thee, O Christ, More love to Thee!Hear Thou the prayer I make On Bended knee;This is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ, to Thee,More love to Thee, More love to Thee. 2Once earthly joy I craved, Sought peace and rest;Now Thee alone I seek — Give what is best;This all my […]

  • #322: Near to Thy Heart

    1Near to Thy heart, O Christ divine,Leaning like John on Thy breast –Till with Thy glory I will shine,Near to Thy heart I’d rest. 2Near to Thy heart O may I be,Hearing Thy sweet words of love,Learning Thy precious will for me,Seeking those things above. 3Near to Thy heart where all is peace,Lost in the […]

  • #321: Nothing Between

    1Nothing between my  soul and the Savior,Naught of this world’s delusive dream:I have renounced all sinful pleasure –Jesus is mine! There’s nothing between. CHORUSNothing between my soul and the Savior,So that His blessed face may be seen;Nothing preventing the least of His favor:Keep the way clear! Let nothing between. 2Nothing between, like worldly pleasure:Habits of […]

  • #320: OI Want to Be Like Jesus

    1 O I want to be like Jesus As I walk along this pilgrim way; O I want to live like Jesus, Showing forth His beauty ev’ry day. This my prayer and deepest longing — To be pure without, within; O I want to be like Jesus, Cleansed from dross and free from self and […]

  • #319: I Would Be True

    1 I would be true, for there are those who trust me; I would be pure, for there are those who care; I would be strong, for there is much to suffer, I would be brave, for there is much to dare — I would be brave, for there is much to dare. 2 I […]

  • #318: I Need Thee Every Hour

    1 I need Thee ev’ry hour, Most Gracious Lord; No tender voice like Thine Can peace afford. I need Thee, O I need Thee, Ev’ry hour I need Thee! O bless me now, my Savior — I come to Thee! 2 I need Thee ev’ry hour, Stay Thou near by; Temptations lose their pow’r When […]

  • #317: A Charge to Keep I Have

    1 A charge to keep I have — A God to glorify, Who have His Son my soul to save And fit it for the sky. 2 To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill — O may it all my pow’rs engage To do my Master’s will! 3 Arm me with jealous care, […]

  • #316: O to Be Like Thee

    1 O to be like Thee! blessed Redeemer, This is my constant longing and prayer; Gladly I’ll forfeit all of earth’s treasures, Jesus Thy perfect likeness to wear. O to be like Thee! O to be like Thee, Blessed Redeemer, pure as Thou art! Come in Thy sweetness, come in Thy fullness; Stamp Thine own […]