Fitness Update

Well, another week without a run or a swim. But this week I started a new program at work.

The Corporate Fitness Works is doing a minutes of activity moved for the month of October. Anyone with any sort of fitness tracking device can sign it up and link it to the program, and it will show how many minutes you have active on a leaderboard compared to everyone else.

It is a neat program to link everyone’s varied devices together. If one is trying to be up on the leaderboard, I assume some devices might give you more minutes activity, while others are more selective on what they consider activity. But it does group everyone together.

As I write this on Sunday night, I am third out of 14 people on the leaderboard. I have 622 minutes while the leader has 1,174.98 minutes. His device must be unique to have fractional minutes that way. But really, the program started on Oct. 3, and we’ve have 7 days. The leader has been active for 167.85 minutes a day. That is 2 hours 47.85 minutes. That pace is almost insane.

My 622 minutes translates to 88.86 minutes a day, or just less than an hour and a half. Of course, Those minutes were before I synced my device around 7 p.m. Sunday evening. But my minutes haven’t yet changed from this morning.  It seems that the leaderboard takes time to roll the updates through, at least for my Misfit Shine.  I am not sure how it works for the other devices that people are using. I am assuming I am the only person using Misfit — it seems to be a rare device.

In other news, I did add quite a few bicycle miles during the week. I am currently at 2,435. The goal for Oct. 31 is to be at 2,500. Since the trip to work is 12 miles round trip, and I do 2.5 of them a week, I should be able to do 65 miles in 5.5 trips, or two weeks. And I always manage to do a bit more biking than just those round trips.

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