Fitness Update: Technology Troubles

Well, this week I’ll give a short stats update, and then on to an indirectly related topic.

Got in one 5K run and a 1000 yard swim. So not doing much progress there, but at least doing something. I did hit 2,500 miles on Saturday — so the October goal was completed a week in advance.

But the headline details my troubles with my Misfit Shine. I’ve been talking about the activity challenge through the work Fitness Center. On Tuesday the Misfit app on my Kindle Fire updated. Since that time it doesn’t connect to the network/cloud, and all my stats for the week are trapped on the Kindle Fire instead of feeding to the contest site. Since the app was able to send an e-mail that got an auto-generated response, I know that it isn’t really a connection problem.

So I have switched to syncing through an app on my computer instead. I sent my service request e-mail on Friday night, and am guessing that they don’t do any tech assistance until Monday.  If I don’t get any service this week with my issue, I am certain to raise the news more next week.

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