Fitness Update: Almost ran

Well, This week I almost got a run in. Woke up Saturday morning intending to do a run, then realized I needed to exercise the dog with the bicycle, and didn’t have the gumption to do both.

I did manage to hit 2600 miles on the bicycle. So I am only 400 miles away from the annual goal. I’ve already hit the running goal, but I need to do more running to keep my running condition. I have also hit the swimming goal — if I count the laps at Oceans of Fun — but not if I just count the laps at the community center pool.

Interesting, swimming wasn’t the part I expected to have issues with.

This being December, I am already considering what goals to set for 2017. Seems the cycling is about where it should be, but the swimming and the running, those are probably the ones that need to be adjusted.

The fall has been a hectic time for both work and social schedules, which make the workouts rough. I manage to hit my activity numbers several days a week, but tend to miss them at least two days a week. But sometime through December I need to get into  form, since I’ve already committed to the Northland Progress Series of races, and the first of those is in January.

One response to “Fitness Update: Almost ran”

  1. This is only November. 🙂 December will come soon enough.

    And I’ll start working again in December, so you’ll have a reason to start getting up early again.


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