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  • Fitness update: relaxed

    I mentioned on January 1, New Year’s Day, that I would give a more fitness updates and goals for 2018. Yet now that I am here, I think I am actually more devoid of goals than I was last year. As I look back on 2017, I had three primary fitness metrics: cycling, running, swimming. […]

  • Fitness Update:

    Heading into fall and getting a bit of a different focus. Keeping up with the bicycle miles seems to be the key goal from the beginning of the year. I put in 59 miles this week. Running, I’m at least keeping in the game again: one 5k run. On the strength training I stayed on […]

  • Fitness Update: 2016 completed; 2017 planned.

    Well, I made it last ¬†week. Swimming goal completed awhile ago. along with running. Only took last week to finish the bicycle miles. I put 2,400 miles on in 2015, and beat my 3,000 mile goal for 2016 by 16 miles (additional 16 for 16 I guess). So the bike goes into 2017 with at […]

  • Fitness Update: Almost ran

    Well, This week I almost got a run in. Woke up Saturday morning intending to do a run, then realized I needed to exercise the dog with the bicycle, and didn’t have the gumption to do both. I did manage to hit 2600 miles on the bicycle. So I am only 400 miles away from […]