Fitness Update: weather-related allergies/illness

I started off last week with the best of intents. Ran a 5K on Monday with the intent to get at least one more in. Then a weather swing hit the sinuses. Eyes felt funny/sleepy from all the pressure behind them; ears like they need to pop all the time. Sleep went, coughing ensued. Took until Sunday to get through most of it, but the sinuses still run.

I was part of a Doctoral Music Recital for a choral director on Sunday. The weather swing hit almost everyone in group respitorially one way or another, so I know it is a common occurrence. Weather swings bring adjustments that take our bodies time to adjust.

So last week didn’t make much progress in fitness goals.  With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, this week’s schedule should be interrupted one way or another. There is still 75 miles to go on November’s bicycle goal. I’ll need some good weather and open time to get that one in somewhere.

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