Cold Weather Biking

Okay, today’s blog isn’t fitness, but it relates to cycling.

Wednesday was first snow — all quarter inch of it. And of course the temperature dropped. So by morning it was into the teens.

Thus I got out all my wraps. Double layered legs and jackets, ear muffs, balaclava, hood, helmet, gloves.

I also tried out my new shoe covers. They slide over the sneakers to cut the breeze. And they actually worked quite well. The feet stayed warm. What got cool was the gap between the top of the socks and where the jeans didn’t quite meet.

The roads, of course, were clear. The only exception was the Heart of America Bridge. The bicycle/passenger lane was criss/crossed with patches of snowy ice. Whenever they clear the driving lane they always manage to clutter up the bicycle pathway.

With such a cold morning, it was interesting that I wasn’t the only cycle out on the streets. One passed me on Wyandotte as it crossed the intersection of 6th street and turned the wrong way up the street  and started using the sidewalk.

That wasn’t the only bike I saw. When I parked at work, there was a bicycle track in the snow, and when I left at night there was another bicycle there in the rack. So the cold weather didn’t deter all of us.

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