Souvenir Bottle or Disposable Cup

I got a survey from Worlds of Fun today. Seems they want to know how people like their all season drink bottle.

The survey wanted to know what you knew about their drink and meal plans, and if you had used it. It specifically focused on the all season drink plan.

They wanted to know if people would prefer having a bottle, or being able to go to any beverage dispenser, swipe the season pass and get a disposable cup.

Now, from my perspective, I don’t like having to remember to bring the cup. But I also wouldn’t like to get lidless, strawless disposable cups. The advantage of the all season bottle is you can get a refill and roam around without worrying about it spilling.

The disposable cups are also less ecologically friendly.

I’m not sure whether they would cost the park more or not, of course. But the disposable cup option would have you swipe your card to get the drink. It would decrease the amount of cup sharing that families might do. We, after all, buy one bottle and split it throughout the season — because nothing says we can’t. So I’m wondering if this is the reason they are thinking about the other option.

So I pushed the ecology issue and the lid and straw issue in my response, but didn’t stress the sharing drinks issue, where the park might like more people to get the drink plans instead of sharing.

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