Fitness Update: Exercise with broken bones

Well, the significant spill from my bicycle that I mentioned on a previous post has mostly healed up. The swelling on the left hand went down, but a nagging pain in the pinky bone within the palm, and the pinky itself, persisted, so I went to the doctor Friday. Turns out the pinky bone in the hand fractured. So now I have a splint on that side of the hand. Four weeks if all goes well.

So how do I exercise? Well, I have two fingers I can type with on the hand, and can still run and ride a bike. I take the splint off to shower and wash hands, but I am sure swimming is out. The purpose of the splint is to keep the side of the hand from getting bumped. The bone hadn’t splayed or moved, so we want it to stay put while it heals instead of getting moved out of place. Swimming has too many chances to hit the wall — and I certainly won’t wear the splint while swimming.

So I still need to finish some of my 2016 goals, which I think I can do, but will probably get a slow start on 2017 goals. And I have a mile race on Jan. 14 that I will probably be running with a splint. Interesting. Anyone with experience to give me encouragement or caution?

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