Fitness Update: 2016 completed; 2017 planned.

Well, I made it last  week. Swimming goal completed awhile ago. along with running. Only took last week to finish the bicycle miles. I put 2,400 miles on in 2015, and beat my 3,000 mile goal for 2016 by 16 miles (additional 16 for 16 I guess). So the bike goes into 2017 with at least 5,416 miles on it (I bought it in May of 2014, but I am not finding my note on the miles from 2014).

So now comes the question: What for 2017?

On activity numbers I am planning the below:

  • Swimming: 52,000 yard
  • Cycling: 3,000 miles
  • Running: 500 miles

The swimming and cycling numbers are the same as last year. I need to concentrate on the quality of the swimming  more, and will put thoughts into that. The biking seemed the right amount, and I don’t think I have time for more, besides questioning what I would gain.

The running, however, is changing both quantity and quality. last year I put down to run 52 5K distances.That would be a bit more than 161 miles. This year I am planning on counting the total  miles, and concentrate more on the quality of the miles when I run them.

I have also signed up to run a four-race series during the first four months of the year. The Progress series has us run a mile race in January, a 5K in February, a 10K in March, and a half marathon in April. Between practicing for all those varied distances I am sure I can get quite a lot of my 500 miles in during the first third of the year.

So, that is the general guideline I am setting for myself. Will refine details as the year goes on, with possible additions.

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