Fitness Update: wind/breath

This past week was a recovery from the cold/cough week.  I didn’t do much of anything until Wednesday of last week, and then it was just a bike trip to work and back. But by Friday I was ready for a short run, and by Saturday I was ready to try my weekly long run.

I got over to the Line Creek Trail and ran six miles, a loop up and down from Vivion to 68th Street. I set a pace of 6.25 mph on my short run, and 6.66 mph on my long run. So I was obviously getting better wind.

But wind is the topic of today’s update. I found out that the limiting factor of my running usually is my breathing. With the cold, I was running at a pace that wouldn’t trigger too much coughing. But even without the cough, I tend to set a pace limited by my breathing, not my leg muscles to run.

The same seems to be true of swimming. When I swim it is the breathing that takes me out, or slows me down, not the swimming itself. Breathing is more obvious swimming, but affects both swimming and running. I don’t usually set a pace that maxes my breathing while cycling, that ends up being total load on the legs.

That said, if I was to really work focused, I should work on exercises and drills that increase my breathing capacity for the long haul. But I’m not quite that dedicated yet, or I’m not quite that far yet in my workouts to try that.


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