Cleaning up as you go along …

Or the theory of selective cleanliness…

Different cooks have different patterns. Me, I like a clean kitchen, and I take the spare moments along the way to try and clean up what I can so there is less to do at the end. Now, this can be frustrating, since I live in a family of cooks who leave everything until the end, and sometimes beyond the end.

If you cook, piling the dishes, and then eat, it can be easy to pile those dishes as well, and go on to the rest of the evening. But then in the morning both the cooking dishes and dinner dishes are there. So where is the space to make breakfast?

Now, lest this sound like a grouse about other’s habits, let me say that things do get done — it is just the question of when and in what order.

I think back to my days in college. My roommate Matthew and I were known for having the neatest room on the floor, but I think it was my mother who noted that we didn’t dust. There is always something that isn’t considered important to someone that is important to someone else.

Selective cleanliness. We all have elements that are more important, or less important. And we irritate each other with our different ratings.

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