Fitness Update: between half-marathons

Last week was the week before the week of the Kansas City Corporate Challenge half marathon. It is the second half-marathon I am doing, four weeks after the first.

I have been trying to get guidance on how to stay in condition from hone half-marathon to the other. The basic guidance I have received is to keep my regular mid-week runs (currently two 4.5 mile runs), and do a long run on the weekends, but not up to the full 10 or 11 I should have right before the first half marathon. Keep working on the cardio to keep it up, and I should be fine.

So this weekend I ran 7.5 miles for my long run, and ran two shorter runs earlier in the week, along with biking and swimming. For one of my short runs I actually ran a 4-mile route to the NKC YMCA, swam 1,000 yards and then ran 2 more miles home.

On that short run I got my average speed down to 6 mph. On my long run I was at 6.06 mph. My first half marathon pace was 6.41, which was slightly slower than i wanted for my intended goal to finish in 2-hours.

On my first half marathon I had a basic goal to finish, and a time goal to aim towards. I seem to be keeping my endurance up, but not necessarily the pace, in the interim, so I may just be focused on finishing this second one. I am sure the adrenaline will help me get some extra speed, but I am not sure whether I want to get to much extra speed from it, and burn out too soon.

To put up some stats:

  • Total miles run in 2017: 237.8
  • Total miles biked in 2017: 1,314.76
  • Total yards swum: 10,000

From the half marathon I will need to keep a more general condition for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon, which is in June on Father’s Day. And after that a lot of vacation travelling breaking up the schedule. Trying to decide how I track and keep fit on the three categories while traveling. We will see what I do. But that is conjecturing about something quite a ways ahead. I’ll let the subconscious brew thoughts on that before I decide.

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