A Look Ahead … race weekend

Usually, when we hear race weekend around here, it means NASCAR. And who knows– certainly not I — there could be something going on at the speedway. But that isn’t the race I am thinking of.

This Saturday is the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Half Marathon. The half marathon will take place at Southcreek Business Park.  It is the first half marathon I have run for the KCCC, and my second half marathon. It begins at 7 a.m., and everyone has to finish within 3 hours to earn their points. Unlike my other half marathon, I haven’t had the time to see this course beforehand. Looking at the numbers, I think it has more elevation changes than my previous race.

There is also potential for rain on Saturday. I actually like running in rain, so it might be a good thing.

Besides the race, this is the season for graduations, and graduation parties. After the race in the morning, I will spend the late afternoon and evening at one of those parties, a niece of mine is graduating in Kearney and it is her party.

And as always, this is Worlds of Fun Season. The actual news is that the park is closed on Sunday. I am assuming that some private group has rented out the entire park — thus making it closed to the general public.

So we won’t be having any meals at the park that day.

Speaking of which, below are the stats for our meal plans for the year so far, as of Wednesday night. As you can see, the retail price has passed one thousand dollars, the price paid per meal has gone below five dollars.

Total Price Paid $497.44
Total Number of Meals 101
Total Retail $1,041.24
Average Price Per Meal $4.93
Total Drink Price 29.64
Total number of drinks 82
Total Retail $82.00
Average Price Per Drink $0.36

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