Fitness Update: or lack thereof

Today’s post is late because I’ve been feeling both off and lazy from the fitness perspective. Muscles fatigued with no exertion to explain. Sinus switch from weather switch. So I didn’t do much fitness workouts last week.

The weekend was getting as much rest as possible. Which seemed to do some good, though not complete restorative, by Monday morning.

There are two “fitness” bugs I’ll throw into the post today.

  1. The car on Armour Road this morning that used the turning lane as a passing lane, even though I was signalling my intent to turn left and was moving over into said lane. Person seemed very willing to have an accident just to ensure they didn’t have to slow down to get past me.
  2. Corporate Challenge Track meet is this week. I was signed up for running the mile on Tuesday, and by end of last week someone dropped out of the 100 yard on Wednesday, so I agreed to fill that.  This morning it was today’s 440-yard that someone dropped, so I’ll be running that later this evening. So next week’s fitness post might have more running events to be chronicled.

And finally, something not fitness, but bicycle-related. I learned about an across-the-country bicycle trip being made by a foursome, and I intend to put up a post tomorrow about the same.

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