Fitness Update: Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon

Yesterday was the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Triathlon. We had a lot of rain the night before, and the night before that. We almost wondered if it might be canceled. But it wasn’t. The day dawned cool and damp.

They modified the route. The bicycles went backwards upon their course, and the running was at the foot of the dam instead of across the top of it.

Here is a video compilation of my time on the course:

It seems like I did close to my times from last year, but last we was slightly better, overall, than this year, though which segments were better altered from year to year. See the stats below:

2016 2017
Swim 12:21 12:12
Transition 2 4:22 3:39
Bike 34:10 38:08
Transition 2 2:46 3:12
Run 28:10 29:32
Total 1:21:46 1:23:40

Those numbers are from the company that supported the timer chips that were used. We won’t know the KCCC stats for places and divisions until later this week when they go up on the KCCC website.

Other stats I was able to get from the chip website was that I was 20 out of 39 swimmers for my age group, passing 11 swimmers and being passed by 4. I did notice that I swam the breast stroke, and yet was gaining on or passing several swimmers. The hard part of the swim was having them not see me and keep on pushing me sideways or bat at me while I tried to get a clear path along the course and to the goal.

It also said I was 28 out of 39 bikers for my age group, passing 12 bikers and getting passed by 9. I seemed to pass a lot more bikers than that, but many of them were from the younger age brackets that started in the heats ahead of me. My age bracket was the final heat that started.

It also said I was 27 out of 39 runners for my age group, passing 8 runners and being passed by 3. Here was were I felt the best. On the last leg of the course, I would find myself being passed by a 50-something, then pass a 20-something, a 30-something, a 40-something, a 50-something, then get passed by another 50-something. My age bracket seemed to do a good job of passing people from younger age brackets.

When the KCCC stats get put up, I will add an update for how I did based on the KCCC divisions.




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