Fitness Update: Biking in the rain

Well, a couple of things on the fitness front this week:

  1. I went to the MD doctor about the bone cramps/muscle aches in my lower and upper left leg. (At its worst, this made it painful to drive at all, as any application of the clutch in our stick shift stressed the offending area.) I had been seeing the chiropractor, who did adjustments that gave improvement, but his latest was that there was a tight muscle (he pressure pointed it and I could see what he meant) that needed to be stretched, rolled, etc. So I’ve been doing that a whole month, and while it is improved, it doesn’t seem to get all the way there. So I went to the MD, thinking a muscle relaxant. But his thought was a pinched nerve, and even though the back xray came back clean, he has me on anti-inflammatories. I haven’t experienced any significant issues since I started them on Wednesday, but I still feel tightness in the muscle area pointed out by the chiropractor. I am hoping the anti-inflammatory might do something about that as well, or I don’t think I’ll have the full cure I need.
  2. The only one of my three triathlete sports that got anything this week was cycling. I managed to put 50 miles on, which keeps me on pace for the month. A good portion of that was done Saturday during a break in the semi-constant rainstorms we received. I enjoy biking in the rain, though the big torrential downpours, and the streams of water across the road, are things I take seriously and avoid dangerous hydroplaning areas. This trip I got a 60-second torrent the minute I went out the door (totally soaked), and then it almost stopped, and most of the trip was the just barely rain, with about 3 more torrents, so I came home with squishy/squeaky shoes and only lightly damp shirt and shorts.

So, now to see when I get the rest of my workout house in order.

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