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  • Fitness update: no pattern

    Well this week was a mixed medley of various outings. There were runs and jogs with cooling walks. There was biking with long brakes for reading. The Viking came about because I realized my legs are cramping from the unbalanced use are the muscles caused by only running and not biking. Doing more activity DID […]

  • Fitness Update: Bicycle anecdote

    Since I don’t bicycle to work on a regular basis anymore, I don’t have that part of my usual fitness regimen to keep me active. But I did get the encouragement from talking to one of y Madrigal singer friends, who has apparently taken up a similar fitness regimen — or like me possibly also […]

  • Fitness Update: no Sham Rock

    As I mentioned last week, My health (near-flu and bruised ribs) meant I didn’t get practiced for the 10K Sham Rock and Run. So Sunday went by, the race went by, and I didn’t go by. But I did set up daily 3.5 mile routes — 7 total for the week — to take the […]

  • Fitness Update: Mile sprints

    My first race of 2018 is coming up in a very short time: the PR Mile on Jan. 13. So this past week I got out and did a couple of faster mile runs.  If I want to beat my last year’s speed of 6:51 I will have to keep pushing, as I was running […]

  • Fitness Update: Biking in the rain

    Well, a couple of things on the fitness front this week: I went to the MD doctor about the bone cramps/muscle aches in my lower and upper left leg. (At its worst, this made it painful to drive at all, as any application of the clutch in our stick shift stressed the offending area.) I […]

  • Fitness Update: Making the Miles

    Well, this is the week where one month ends and another begins. I have been working on three fitness activity targets all year. Only one of them has been definitively on target — bicycle miles. And now, with the lull in cycling due to the vacation earlier in July, I am just making the miles […]

  • Fitness Update: Midway Point

    What do I mean by midway point? I mean I have gotten through the first couple of races in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge — the 5K and the (modified) half marathon — and have one event at the track meet (don’t know which one yet), the triathlon and swim meet yet. Before the Corporate […]

  • Fitness Update: Swimming and tracking thereof

    Okay, this week I finally got back to the pool. I swam Monday-Wednesday-Friday and ran Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. My FitBit Flex 2 did not track the swimming. I was certain I had set it for swimming when I got it, but when I looked up a manual online, it only mentioned the word swim once, and that […]

  • Fitness Update: Cold

    Weather was an intervening factor this week to my fitness attempts. I got a half-mile “sprint” in as one of my workouts, and then some 100M sprints the next day. But cold and ice prevented me from my running on Friday. It also precluded doing any cycling over the weekend. I did get out earlier […]

  • Fitness Update: Minutes tracking

    Another week where the fitness activities are there, but not in an organized progression of the various activities. Cycling got in there, there were a couple of days with very little activity, and then others with many units of activity. Much of the activity was short walking segments. It is interesting, when translating those into […]