Don’t be the Zax

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And yet, they are both, unfortunately, based on the same fallacy. Everything is linked, rooted, blamed on race. Neither one can see beyond that frame to the individuals, the people around them. None of them form relationships to anyone but only to the race of a person. If you are one of the majority of the people who doesn’t see race in everything, it is because you are like a fish in water, not able to see the privilege of your position.

Both live in small worlds, of their own making, and everything they experience can be explained by their philosophy. Sure, it may be a small world, a small explanation, but it is complete, unassailable, just like the convictions of any insane person.

We outside this circle know that there is more to life than race. We refuse to be pulled into and encompassed by the embrace of their circles of hate and denunciation. We will not be drowned in the pool of their obsession. For just as they would accuse us of being fish unable to see the water around us, they cannot see the pool of their own delusion. Instead, we will continue to breathe the free air and enjoy the warmth of the sun of life, in all its undefined, divine glory.

Yet we will continue to call to them, beckon them to leave the stagnant water for the free air. For it is always possible that the fish might just learn how to fly.

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