A Farewell Recital

Avondale United Methodist Church, where I have attended and participated in services and the music ministries for nigh on the past decade, has been blessed during the past four years to have as its Musical Director a very young but very talented and spiritually focused man named Aaron R. Redburn.

When Paul in I Timothy 4:12 advised Timothy to “Let no man despise thy youth”, he could have had Aaron in mind.  For Aaron came to us as a very accomplished, yet very young man just out of high school starting his college career. And in the past 4 years he has challenged us to grow, both musically and spiritually. At the same time we as a choir of mature adults taught Aaron many things that his previous leadings of youth and school choirs doubtless hadn’t taught him.

But, alas, four years have passed, and with the bachelor’s degree completed, he is now taking his Master’s Degree in Memphis, so is no longer our Musical Director. As part of our parting, Aaron, along with his girlfriend Shannon Lowe (who we knew these four years and likewise became a part of us in this growth and challenge), and our church organist John Livingston, presented A Farewell Recital on his last Sunday with us, July, 30, 2017.

I video recorded that recital, and am putting the edited version up to the cloud today, to be embedded into this blog for everyone’s appreciation and enjoyment of their performance and skill. This video edit is my small token of esteem for all they have done for me and for us at AUMC.

The full video took a long time to upload; so I uploaded a link to the 3-minute title slide/teaser I created for the video first. Now you can enjoy both the full video and the title slide.


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