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  • Quench not the Holy Spirit …

    Disruptions of the worship service may also include movement by the Holy Spirit… One should be careful in what one suppresses, because you may be quenching the Holy Spirit unawares…

  • Don’t be bitten by the snakes at the church Sanctuary Snakepit

    Don’t be bitten by the snakes at the church Sanctuary Snakepit

    It started in December of 2021. I told the church pastor and many of the leaders there that I did not feel safe at Avondale United Methodist Church. That there were people there who felt they knew what was better for me that I did, than me, my family, and team of mental health professionals […]

  • He giveth me songs in the night

    I know I shall see in his beauty The king in who’s law I delight. Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps And giveth me songs in the night. Redeemed–Fanny J. Crosby In Sunday school this Sunday, part of the lesson referrenced a section of Psalm 42:8 (NIV), where it talks about God giving us songs in […]

  • A Look Ahead –at a Busy October Weekend

    In the effort to resurrect my blog’s posting schedule, today I am writing what was usually my Thursday “look ahead” events calendar. Though late in getting it up, there are many worthwhile things going on this weekend, and were I to wait until next Thursday to commence, many of of those items would be unavailable. […]

  • The Book Ballot

    Today the Avondale United Methodist Church Book Club discussed The Light Between Oceans, a first novel by M. L. Stedman. But I’m not going to talk about that. We also received our book ballot for the upcoming 12 month cycle. This process is a uniquely “democratic” means of choosing what we read each year.  Everyone who […]

  • A Blast of the Past #133: Carly’s Confirmation

    I grew up in a Baptist tradition. We didn’t have infant baptism and we didn’t have confirmation services.  So when moving to Avondale United Methodist Church, we had to get used to both concepts. Today’s Blast of the Past is one of those events — Carly’s Confirmation service and day. As you can tell from […]

  • Christmas Music 2017 — Last installment

    Here is my last installment of Christmas music — for the 10th Day of Christmas. I had the ensembles on Sunday, so today I am going to do the individual numbers. Actually number. We had two individual performances on Dec. 24. The first was two superb Saxophone numbers by Rick Firestone. The first was an […]

  • A Blast of the Past #127: Trunk or Treat

    AUMC’s Trunk or Treat is 2009 is the subject of today’s blast from the past.

  • A Farewell Recital

    Avondale United Methodist Church, where I have attended and participated in services and the music ministries for nigh on the past decade, has been blessed during the past four years to have as its Musical Director a very young but very talented and spiritually focused man named Aaron R. Redburn. When Paul in I Timothy […]

  • Chiming in …

    I’ve been living life, some of which will come up in Monday’s fitness blog, but haven’t spent time chronicling it, so instead today, before I run out of day without posting anything, I’ve decided to throw up an older video clip from a Easter service several years ago. Hallelujah just seems appropriate in thanks for […]