Winds of Change: Insurance Adjusting

Well, most of what I write from this point out about our house repairs after the tree damage is going to be done somewhat in arrears.

My last piece was done on Nov. 14 as we were clearing items out of the affected room to prepare it for the contractors to start their work. At that point we were hoping the work would start on Nov. 21. Instead it started on Nov. 28 with an estimated completion date of Dec. 15. We have been taking daily pictures that I will put up in future posts, but today I am going to discuss some details that occurred between the previous post and the start of the renovation.

I mentioned previously waiting to see what the independent adjuster came back with.  Well, after the adjuster turned his information into the insurance company, we got a check in the $25K range (including $12K for the deck). That was after adjusting the damages for our $1,250 deductible and $1,800 for depreciation not covered. So we turned that information over to three contractors.

We hired a general contractor for most of the work, but hired the same roofer who had previously done the front slope of our house three years ago to do the shingles, and hired the same siding company that put on our seamless siding 13 years ago to match the siding again.

The general contractor’s bid fit into his portion of the work on the assessment. The roofing contractor was $100 over his section of $1,200. But the siding company was $2,000 over their portion.

So we turned  the two adjustments into the insurance company for consideration, and they agreed to adjust their assessment up for the roofer’s small difference, and also for the siding, since they hadn’t fully factored the additional value of the seamless siding.

So, with those up-adjustments, and the deductions for the deductible and depreciation, I am able to put a total price on our damages as $30K. One room, One Deck, One Tree, add up to $30K.

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