House Redesign: Room Dividers

One of the side effects of the house repairs we are doing is a redesign of our living space inside. Our living spaces are being rearranged, reassigned, as we make the same building an entirely new residence.

The house addition, once a playroom, then the dog’s den, is now becoming “The Suite”, as in the master suite. It isn’t the full master suite redesign we were fantasizing about for “when we have money”, but it is being turned into a multi-zone rest and relaxation room.

The trick is how to divide the zones for the various and sometimes simultaneous uses. One of the answers is room dividers. But what dividers where? We’ve been looking around trying to find something in our preferred price range that also meets our stylistic and lifestyle preferences.

Here are a few of the models we have looked at:

RISÖR Room divider IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a durable and warm natural material. Practical as a room divider or screen.IKEA PS 2017 Room divider IKEA The room divider is lightweight and easy to move.Tri-Fold Linen Room DividerDistressed Turquoise Mirrored Wood Room DividerBlack Rice Screen Room DividerWalnut Photo Collage Room Divider with White Mats

Of course, we also want to use it for a longer space than most of these are made for, so how many and in what combination might we envision them, becomes a possible question.

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