Fitness update: relaxed

I mentioned on January 1, New Year’s Day, that I would give a more fitness updates and goals for 2018.

Yet now that I am here, I think I am actually more devoid of goals than I was last year.

As I look back on 2017, I had three primary fitness metrics: cycling, running, swimming. I only met one of the three targets: cycling.  I did increase  my running from 2016 to 2017, but my swimming declined. I just got hard in my daily schedule to work swimming at the YMCA into my regular week.

And I ended the years similar to how I began it: weight and general stamina, health, etc. True, my aerobic support might be a little lower…

So I think this year I am going to make my goals less broad and more flexible.  I am going to maintain my current general physical health, stamina, speed, endurance, etc., while attempting to improve at certain targets.

For example, I have enrolled in the Progress Series of races again.  Rather than set a specific amount of running distance, i will set a goal to work a plan for each race to do as well, or possibly improve, on the prior year’s performance, when adjusted for weather and other factors.

On the cycling, I’ll expect to do about 3,000 miles, but i won’t set a specific annual or monthly goal. Instead, I will make it my practice to use the bicycle instead of other modes of powered transport when feasible, as a lifestyle choice.

Now the swimming. Somehow I need to get enough practice in for my Corporate Challenge swim meet, but beyond that, I’ll just try to find every opportunity for swimming at Worlds of Fun during the summer, and see if I can find some actual workout time in the spring before the corporate challenge meet.

Instead, I have other non-physical-fitness goals that I will be working on instead. They may appear in other blogs, but not as systematically as these  fitness updates.



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