Sabbatical Update: Still Hectic

Well, the idea of a nice structured, relaxing schedule for the sabbatical hasn’t made it through the first week.

I have been able to walk the dog each morning, get my Bible reading and blog post done. I have also managed some leisure reading by the end of the day.  But the Master’s Degree I hope to finally start working on today.  First, of course, is the meeting with the career counselor today.

Yesterday the filing with the Unemployment Office took a good  block of time. Then a family hysteria event took 2 hours of the day to get resolved.

I had wanted to spend an hour a day working outside on the house and grounds. Haven’t gotten any of that in, and today, the weather will hardly be encouraging outside activities.

So it still requires discipline and a schedule to get things done, and to hammer things into the schedule, on a sabbatical, when so much “extra” time is theoretically there.


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