Fitness Update: Sabbatical Status

Well, Fitness has certainly taken an interesting turn. A year ago I was gearing up for a 10K race coming off excellent times on a mile and 5K race the previous 2 months.  This year both my mile and my 5K have been sub-par with sickness and illnesses along the way hampering my training rhythm.

And last week I had a very minor bicycle spill, but managed to do a significant bruising to the ribs on my left side. I tried a 5K training run, and walked it mostly, because the jarring of the jogging was too much for my ribs. BTW, the doctor visit on Friday did confirm the diagnosis of bruised vs. cracked ribs, which is supposedly a minor blessing in half the healing time. But that still means I haven’t been doing any practice runs for the upcoming 10K race.

So I’m thinking I might need to back out of the remaining two races of the progress series this year. If I don’t have enough time to get in shape for the 10K, I’m not going to be far enough along to get ready for a half marathon a month later. I need to keep re-imagining my fitness this year.

I had started the sabbatical with daily bike rides of 3.5 miles each morning with the dog. He has always been excited to get these excursions each weekend. Yet this spring suddenly he stops all the time he can and goes as slow as possible on any leg of the journey which is away from the house, but when he knows the trip is toward the house, he has plenty of energy and plenty of speed. So it isn’t that he is too tired or overworked. Excitement aside for going out the door each time, he doesn’t want to take the excursion. Not sure what is going on in the canine psyche. But he is making the 100 bicycle miles I planned to get each month through him more of a chore than the pleasure I was intending it to be for both of us.

So there is my fitness regimen: In pieces but being constantly put back together another way, something like a set of Legos: how much clutch power do the pieces of the plan have, and how many different ways can they be put together to create a viable fitness regimen?

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